The Voice Finale Review and Recap

The Voice FinaleAnd the Winner on the Voice is… 

Javier Colon… The frontrunner made it to the end and I am happy for him. He seems like a real good guy, very talented and The Voice was probably his last shot at doing what he loves to do to support his family. I pretty much had him pegged from the moment I saw him as the likely winner on this first season of The Voice.

I will say that despite having Dia ranked #4 last night… after reading a lot of the buzz on the show today… seeing her rock the iTunes charts again and hearing her sing tonight – I thought she may have a solid shot at winning it all as the show was winding down tonight… at a minimum, I had her in the top 2 spot right after hearing her duet with Blake Shelton’s wife.

The show had 4 performances, with each contestant singing with an established star. It was a good show, although it felt a bit rushed.

Vicci Martinez performed with Pat Monahan from Train and it was a respectable job, although I thought Pat, who I think is a good singer – sounded a bit off tonight. Vicci did a nice job. 

Javier Colon and Stevie Nicks sang “Landslide” and it was a pretty good performance although Stevie sounded a bit rough but age and hard living will do that to you. I thought Javier was very clean and professional.

Ryan Tedder from One Republic sang with Beverly McClellan and it was a bad song choice for her. Although she had a few parts that sounded decent there were 2 sections in the song where it sounded like a terrible howling. It was so bad it jacked up Pat Monahan’s hair… did anyone check out his mop tonight??? Anyways – I didn’t like the performance.

Dia Frampton teamed up with Blake Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert and I thought they had the best performance of the night. Dia showed that she has more power in her voice than she has displayed all season with parts of the song that she did tonight. Her tone was a bit different as well and I liked it. Just get her a personality and I think she can do well in the industry… she already has a commercial sounding name and clearly people like her as she was #1 on iTunes after last night’s show (Javier was #2), has had the most iTune sales of any contestant on the show, the young singer has potential to be kind of hot and she made it to the runner up position on The Voice. I did like how she followed up last night’s confident performance with another outing where she looked like a pro and seemed to be comfortable. Also, in the behind the scenes clips you can see that she can articulate what she wants and does speak up… she just needs to be more open and active when she is in front of an audience and the cameras.

Summary of the Finale on The Voice 

So… in what was reportedly very close voting… Javier Colon wins the first season of The Voice with Dia Frampton getting the second spot… separated by just 2% of the votes. One award that I will give to Ms. Dia Frampton is that of “Most Improved”… she has come the farthest with her performance ability.

I am looking forward to next season which is already starting to cast. There also is a tour this summer with the top 8 singers from The Voice which should be pretty fun. I am also looking forward to seeing the Maroon 5 & Train tour that Carson Daly alluded to that is coming out.

I have heard some people on the show are following my posts and let’s hope they take my advice that I wrote about in previous articles on how this good show can become great. To next season… See ya 

The Voice

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