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A Facebook RIP post gives me some perspective on life…

Perspective. I just saw a friend’s facebook post which was a RIP (rest in peace) notice for one of their friends. For some reason, every time I see those kinds of posts I always end up finding the facebook page for the person who died… and take a look at it. I don’t know why I do it… maybe morbid curiosity… maybe it’s me trying to gain some insight into my own mortality… who knows but I do it. I have even googled the person’s name trying to see how (or why) they died. Not that it really matters at this point but I do it.
One strange thing about this mini-journey I go on with a stranger who has left us is that I often get a bit emotional… even though I didn’t know the person at all. I didn’t used to be like this when I was younger (me being easily brought to an emotional state over things like this) but I guess as I get older and get closer to the grave myself… it does something to ya.
Perhaps seeing the last post a person will ever make hits home. Knowing at that time they posted whatever it was… they were alive and possibly happy or at least if nothing else… alive. It really sucks for me when the last pic was of their family and they have young kids. Cue the onions when that occurs. Seeing that they had kids, maybe a spouse… and had a life is what can really do it for me. Even if they are single and had no kids… they probably thought when they did that last post that they had their whole life ahead of them. Now… they are being memorialized by a stranger on facebook.
Perhaps it’s like looking at a mirror… no reason why that couldn’t be me on that page and someone having a mini-journey of their own on my facebook page… no one is exempt from dying. At some point, we all will be that deceased person on a Facebook page.
Many of us plan 10, 20 or more years out… or at least think about it every once in awhile. This person on the facebook page staring back at me has not even a second left and most likely when they posted that profile pic… the one that they may have worried about how they looked in it or what kind of message it may or may not convey had no clue at the time it was the last profile pic that they would ever spend time on.
It really puts things in to perspective… of all the BS we go through… all the temporary outrage and anger over what are usually really minor nonsensical things… all the wasted moments we have being irked at this or mad at that… all the times we didn’t stop and smell the roses… all the negatitvity we allow into our lives and become wasters of time… time being something we really are in a limited supply of. At the end of the day, were any of those things worth it? Did those “time & energy thieves” really matter?
If you think about it… being happy and trying to be a good citizen on this planet and a good person to your fellow humans (and animals) should be really what matters. Almost everything else is just temporary and usually meaningless “noise.”
If you knew your days, hours and minutes (or even seconds) were limited… if you were aware of it… would you change how you live? Would you appreciate every breath you take… every sight you take in… cherish every warming of the heart you have? Would those around you matter just a little bit more? Would you stress out over things a little bit less?
Most people I would surmise are just existing… and not truly living… essentially just waiting to die and they don’t even know it… yet.
I’m quite sure if the person who’s page I am looking at could do it over again… and knew the date they were gonna die… they would do some… perhaps many things differently. We all would.

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